Acuity Responds: OLED is available 2012 Q1

For my small but loyal reader base, you know that I have comments turned off.  No evil plot here; I just got tired of all the spam, trackbacks and other silly comments I got.  I had very, very few “intelligent” comments. However, someone from Acuity saw my post about their OLED lights, and was nice enough to track me down and send this in: Hi Brad, Just saw your write up on Acuity OLED,  I ‘m on the OLED team at Acuity, and you can consider this product LAUNCHED! It can be specified now, and will be available for delivery … Continue reading Acuity Responds: OLED is available 2012 Q1

osram’s “airabesc” oled + led fixture

OSRAM launched a stylish combination OLED + LED pendant fixture called the “Airabesc” at the recent iSalone/Euroluce show.

OSRAM has been experimenting with OLED technology for well over a decade now (I personally saw back in 1999 an early OSRAM prototype OLED while at Harvard’s School of Design ).    Its nice to see OLEDs finally reaching the output levels needed for general illumination.  And the fixture is  definitely following the du jour architectural trends of biomimetic, swoopy styling enabled by digital design and fabrication.

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acuity brands: OLED group in the works

Sometimes, the best way to figure out what a company is really doing is to monitor their job postings.

As further proof that OLED’s are finally nearing some form of commercial use, Coroflot has an interesting job posting for an industrial designer at Acuity Lighting:  Senior Product Designer – OLED Product Design Center.

In case the link doesn’t stay put, following is the job description:

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philips lumiblade


Lumiblade is Philips first major foray into commercial OLED products.

In short, Philips is really just selling sample kits right now for design explorations.  The samples are expensive, not very efficient (20 lm/w), and with only 10,000 hours at 50% dimmed output, the lifetime isn’t that great.

However, it is promising to see a technology that has been in development for over a decade finally, even if just tentatively, reach some level of commercial potential.

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