conferences, publications, etc.

The follow link is my CV in PDF form:

Below is a complete list of my conferences, publications, honors, etc. over the course of my career:

Lectures and Presentations

  • Feb 2019   London, Surface Design Show, Light School, Wrap Your Spaces in Social Media
  • Feb 2019   Amsterdam, ISE Smart Buildings Conference, Wrap Your Spaces in Social Media
  • Sep 2018  Bregenz, Trends in Lighting Symposium, From Architectural Lighting to Architectural Media
  • Feb 2018   Long Beach, Strategies in Light, More Photons, Less Paper
  • Jun 2017   Guangzhou, Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, Embedded Lighting
  • May 2017  Philadelphia, Lightfair International, Ambient Luminescence and Experiential Design
  • Jan 2017   Long Beach, U.S. DOE SSL R&D Workshop, Lighting Integration into Buildings
  • Oct 2016    Eindhoven, Dutch Design Week, Embedded Lighting
  • Jun 2016   Chicago, Neocon,  Embedded Lighting
  • May 2015  New York, Lightfair International, Embedded Lighting
  • Oct 2014    Munich, Strategies in Light Europe,  Performance Economy, Circular Economy
  • Sep 2014  Boston, Smithers Apex LEDs Conference, The Evolution of Adoption
  • Feb 2014   Webcast, LEDsMagazine, The Paradox of LED Standardization
  • Jan 2014   Tampa, U.S. DOE SSL R&D Workshop, The Evolution of Adoption
  • Nov 2013  Eindhoven, Glow Festival, What If/What Next: The Evolution of Lighting
  • Oct 2013    Copenhagen, PLD-C, New Light on Old Masters: Rijksmuseum Case Study
  • Jun 2013  Boston, U.S. DOE SSL Manufacturing Workshop, New Materials and Methods in Luminaires
  • May 2013  Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum Media Day, Introduction to LED Lighting Technology for Museums
  • Apr 2013  Philadelphia, Lightfair International, The Next Evolution of Lighting
  • Feb 2013   Santa Clara, Strategies in Light, The Next Evolution of Lighting
  • Nov 2012  Amsterdam, Materia Inspiration Center, Urban Media Facades
  • Feb 2009  Boston, Designers Lighting Forum of New England, LED Myths and Marvels
  • Mar 2008   New York, Designers Lighting Forum of New York, LEDucation II
  • Oct 2007    New York, DDI Magazine, Color and Materials Specifiers Conference
  • Jun 2007   Boston, Consortium for Energy Efficiency, Summer Program Meeting
  • Jun 2007   Boston, Society for Environmental Graphics Designers, SEGD Conference
  • Oct 2006    Chicago, Illuminating Engineering Society, Neon, Cold Cathode and LED Lighting
  • Nov 2001  Philadelphia, International Association of Lighting Designers, Education Conference
  • May 2001  Milan, European Lighting Designers’ Association Light Focus 2001 Conference


  • Dec 2017  LEDsMagazine, More Photons, Less Paper: New Digital Tools to Fuse Light into Surfaces
  • Aug 2016  LinkedIn, A Baby Snuggy vs. the Future of Architectural Lighting
  • Apr 2016   LinkedIn, Exploring the Future of Embedded Architectural Lighting
  • Jan 2016   LED Professional Review, Embedded Lighting – Developing New Lighting Applications
  • Jan 2014   LEDsMagzine, Refocus Design Challenges to Move LED Lighting Forward
  • Nov 2012  Lux Review, Why We Need Standards for Controls
  • Nov 2012  LightSpec Magazine, Reaching The Next Evolution of Lighting
  • Sep 2011 Design Management Institute News and Views, Business Thinking for Designers
  • Mar 2010   Professional Lighting Design, Less or Else is Becoming a Bore
  • Mar 2002   Architectural Lighting, Getting a Response:  Interactive Spaces
  • May 2001  Professional Lighting Design, Interactive Luminous Retail Environments
  • Jun 2001   I.D. Magazine, Active Objects, Surfaces and Zones

Blog and Social Media Publications

  • Jul 2009 – present, ongoing blog
    • 850+ posts, 430,000+ views, 100,000+ visitors
  • Feb 2017   LinkedIn, Daniel Lamarre CEO – How Cirque du Soleil Stays Creative
  • Dec 2016  LinkedIn, Create Unique Guest Experiences with Interactive Controls and Embedded Lighting
  • Sep 2016  LinkedIn, Think Big: How Embedded Lighting will Disrupt Traditional Architectural Surfaces
  • Aug 2016  LinkedIn, A Baby Snuggy vs. the Future of Architectural Lighting
  • Apr 2016   LinkedIn, Exploring the Future of Embedded Architectural Lighting

Project Publications

  • Dec 2016  Le Monde, Les Habits Neufs de la Lumière
  • Oct 2016   Luminous #18, Luminous Patterns Showroom
  • Aug 2016  Wallpaper Magazine, Handmade Edition: Light Forest
  • Dec 2015  Dexigner, Philips Launches New Low-Energy Luminous Patterns
  • Dec 2015  LEDsMagazine, Philips Lighting Delivers LED Art/Light Panels
  • Oct 2013   Luminous #12, Rijksmuseum: Committing to LED
  • Jul  2013   Mondo ARC, Rijksmuseum
  • Dec 2006  Architectural Record, Design Vanguard: Diva Lounge


  • May 2017  Bob Johnstone, L.E.D.: A History of the Future of Lighting: Chapter 18 – Play of Brilliants


  • Apr 2011   IDSA, IDEA Awards: LED Linear Modules – Finalist
  • Feb 2011   US DOE, Next Generation Luminaires Competition: Best in Class, Color Kinetics eW Burst
  • Feb 2009   US DOE, Next Generation Luminaires Competition: Color Kinetics eW Downlight
  • May 2009  IESNA, Illumination Design Award: Custom House Tower
  • May 2007  IESNA, Illumination Design Award: Digitas Corporate Headquarters
  • May 2007  IESNA, Illumination Design Award: Diva Lounge
  • May 2005  IALD, International Association of Lighting Designers Award of Merit: Montage Inc.
  • Jun 2001   I.D. Magazine, Interactive Media Design Competition: Silver Award
  • Jan 2001   Interiors Magazine, 22nd Annual Interiors Awards: Best Student/Conceptual Project,
  • Jun 2001   Harvard University, James Templeton Kelley Prize: Graduate thesis nominated
  • Aug 2000  IESNA, Richard Kelly Grant: Academic Scholarship
  • May 2000 IALD, Education Trust Fund: Academic Scholarship