yozakura OLED Installation

Via Inhabitat: An installation using OLEDs by Kaneka designed by Torafu Architects.

According to Torafu’s website:

The design of the exhibition area for chemical manufacturer Kaneka at Milano Salone, which showcased organic light-emitting diodes (OLED), a much anticipated next-generation type of lighting that Kaneka is developing. Our aim was to create a space that drew on the potential of OLED panels as a surface light source. Having a Japanese bar as the theme, we proposed a space with the image of “yozakura” (cherry blossom viewing at night).

The idea was to share the scene of cherry blossom petals reflecting in the night sky in Milano by conjuring up thin, light and softly luminescent OLED panels inside the space. After passing through the shop curtains at the 1F entrance, visitors were greeted by a chain of light in the shape of arcs. The 2F main space featured a ceiling covered in OLED panels of different heights that created large undulations, thus adding variety to the space. On the bridge section we distributed the pendant lights, whereby each is made of two differently colored OLED panels stuck together to emit light from both surfaces and covered with a paper shade. By mainly utilizing white and vermilion luminescent OLED panels, the Japanese festival colors, the space lets visitors experience something new and cutting-edge whilst retaining a feeling of tradition.

Apparently, there was “some assembly required“.