l+b: OSRAM

OSRAM had an impressive booth this year.  Maybe Siemens is really crackin’ the whip for OSRAM’s impending public offering, but their booth really had an energy and some sort of raison d’etre that seemed lacking in their booth at Light + Building 2010.

OSRAM was heavily promoting Zhaga compliant modules, front and center.  An impressive showing with a full range of offerings.

The Zhaga “street lighting” module:

The Zhaga “spot light” module (note the 90CRI module that hits 5000 lumens!):

And like Panasonic/VS, OSRAM was showing a nicely put-together linear module, plus some fixture design concepts for alternate layouts with linear-format modules:

Talk about total lighting geekspasm:  OMG, finally, LED Linestra!

Like seemingly every major component supplier, OSRAM had the obligatory funky decorative OLED design studies.  I liked the round OLED panels + LED spots in the pendant over the reception desk.  A bit silly, but still creative.

Their Siteco division had an interesting prototype of concealed-source batwing distribution area light:

And their Traxon division had an RGB pixel system mounted on glass with clear conductors and what at first looked like a dead ringer for the GKD exterior media mesh system I profiled previously.  It looked slightly different though, as the LED was potted in a deeply set clear resin which produced a sparkling halo effect around each LED.  This is probably an unintended side effect, but I actually liked the final effect.