acuity brands: OLED group in the works

Sometimes, the best way to figure out what a company is really doing is to monitor their job postings.

As further proof that OLED’s are finally nearing some form of commercial use, Coroflot has an interesting job posting for an industrial designer at Acuity Lighting:  Senior Product Designer – OLED Product Design Center.

In case the link doesn’t stay put, following is the job description:


Acuity Brands Lighting, one of the world’s leading lighting companies, established a new start-up group called OLED Lighting Design Center.

OLEDs, Organic Light Emitting Diodes are the latest in cutting-edge technology that is considered the new frontier in Lighting Technology. It is the next wave following LEDs.

OLED Lighting Design Center (OLDC) is charged with the mission of mainstreaming OLEDs into luminaires. Our Design Center is headquartered in Berkeley, California

We are looking for a full – time Senior Product Designer for OLED Luminaire Design. This is a crucial position to the success of our mission. As the Senior Designer for OLDC, you will be responsible to implement product strategic plans for OLDC as well as create groundbreaking innovative luminaire designs for various Lighting Applications with OLEDs. In specific,

• Participate as a team member in product strategy planning of OLDC
• Own and execute the product strategy plan.
• Create Product Designs from “concept cars’ to “Real World Products”
• Conceive, design and render product concepts with 3D CAD, Modeling, and Illustrations (with tools such as Inventor, Solidworks, Alias, Photoshop, Illustrator) to photorealism
• Generate Intellectual Property
• Command a good understanding of materials and manufacturing processes

Specific Skills

You must have a superior sense of design and be highly creative and passionate about Product Design. You are willing to think outside the box, possess an inner drive to excel and welcome the opportunity to design with cutting-edge technology. We look to you to create designs that will touch and resonate with us emotionally. You are a good team player, a fast learner and a good communicator. You take ownership and pay great attention to detail. You have good project management skills. You must perform at a very high energy level, are a self-starter, are willing to take extra efforts to get things done and are result oriented.
You will need a Bachelors or advanced degree in Industrial Design or Product Design with 3 – 5 years of relevant design experience. Knowledge in Lighting is a plus but not essential.
Come and journey with us to create the future of Lighting. Unleash your passion, creativity, knowledge and experience to materialize what others can only dream of.

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