acuity’s revel OLED fixture

Acuity’s OLED Lighting Design Center launched a couple products at Lightfair 2011, most notably the Revel fixture.

There’s quite the parade of OLED fixtures being “launched” these days.  “Launched” is a somewhat dubious term for many of these, as they are really just prototype projects…manufacturers dipping their toes into the OLED waters.  (See my other post on the OSRAM Airabesc).  At best, these first generation fixtures will wind up being the signature piece above the reception desk or in the executive conference room…certainly not the general illumination over your cheap little cubicle!

Nevertheless, I applaud manufacturers for doing these sorts of “showcar” projects, especially the large, well funded leaders of the industry.  They need to be more daring.  For Acuity, putting a little chutzpah into their lineup resulted in winning Lightfair’s Most Innovative Product of the Year.  Congrats to the OLED team at Acuity.