l+b: Panasonic & Vossloh Schwabe

Panasonic and its acquired Vossloh-Schwabe division had a very strong component and module showing at Light + Building.  Two products especially caught my eye, a linear Zhaga compliant module and a socketed OLED module.

Panasonic and VS were showing a 10cm x 10cm OLED panel called the “ELeaf”.  Unlike most other OLED offerings on the market, VS has made a very nice socket design for simply popping a module in place.  The module includes several electrical connections to permit easy wiring for a variety of different fixture designs.

The OLED panel and socket is a well-thought out and well-executed design.

This brings up the whole socket issue:  Will the OLED industry learn its lesson from the late development of the Zhaga Consortium?  One of the single most effective ways to speed adoption of OLED technology would be standardizing a socket platform, so that early adopters of the technology can easily swap out modules in the future as the technology rapidly progresses.

VS was also showing a terrific linear LED module, including Zhaga footprint compliance, protective plastic housing, ceramic circuit board structure, chip-on-board LEDs, and a continuous line of phosphor, giving the module a beautiful appearance and highly uniform light output.  This is a real winner for the specification market.

VS had a variety of other modules, including the Zhaga spotlight (shown below) and roadway module standards.

Panasonic was also showing off its RedDot and iF Design award-winning “LED Nostaglic” lamp, which indeed looks terrific and is an impressive bit of innovative design.