aston martin’s OLED room

No wonder James Bond likes Aston Martin cars:  It must be the lighting when you pick up the car.  Wired has a great post about how Aston Martin builds their $1.7m One-77 supercar in a laboratory-clean facility.  But the part I love is the dedicated space for when a customer receives their car:

“When customers make the pilgrimage to Aston Martin headquarters to take delivery of their One-77s, each is treated to an unveiling experience that’s nothing short of theatrical. Seated in a satin black room, a uniquely composed musical sequence fills the space from a Bang & Olufsen sound system. Five hundred organic LED lights hanging like tiny chandeliers start pulsing over the vehicle with a heartbeat, creating wave-like movements across the roofline and evolving into a choreographed shimmer that grows in intensity, finally shedding full light on the sheet metal below. The tease culminates with a musical crescendo, a sea of photons and the reveal of an impossibly sexy supercar.”

Turns out the lighting is Philips’ Lumiblades and the design was by Jason Bruges Studio.

I also love the shot of the surface defect review room:  At first, I though this was the customer reception room!