modular lighting/couvreur.devos

Belgian-based Modular Lighting Instruments have released two stunning fixture designs by the Belgian design duo Couvreur.Devos.

The LED-based Spock fixture uses an innovative radial/planar light guide to create a low-glare emitter with no visible source image.  The circular plane creates either a 32° or 56° focused beam of light.  Modular’s website includes gorgeous exploded renderings of the optical system.

The design is super clean…not even a single wire is visible.  A superb design backing up a radical new optical system.

The second fixture, the o’leaf, uses three 8-watt OLED panels and is available in floor, table or wall  sconce configurations.

The o’leaf is a wonderful combination of cutting-edge planar OLED lighting and biomimetic aesthetics, but still manages to retain a sleek, “modernist” feeling about it.