osram’s “airabesc” oled + led fixture

OSRAM launched a stylish combination OLED + LED pendant fixture called the “Airabesc” at the recent iSalone/Euroluce show.

OSRAM has been experimenting with OLED technology for well over a decade now (I personally saw back in 1999 an early OSRAM prototype OLED while at Harvard’s School of Design ).    Its nice to see OLEDs finally reaching the output levels needed for general illumination.  And the fixture is  definitely following the du jour architectural trends of biomimetic, swoopy styling enabled by digital design and fabrication.

They don’t state it directly, but it looks like a dual-circuit design that can be balanced between the OLED panels and the LED point lights.  Nice touch.

According to OSRAM’s site:

“The originator of the Airabesc design is Dietmar Fissl from the design bureau 2DoDesign. The design brings organic forms and themes to the forefront: as if modelled by the wind (“Air”), the elements of the reduced, symmetrical aluminium form are floating in the air. Together with OSRAM’s OLED experts, the idea was further developed and successfully brought into being. Decisive elements: the 1.8 millimetre thin, rectangular OLED panels from the Orbeos series, as well as Oslon LED from OSRAM. “We let technology inspire us“, Fissl comments on his design. “I wanted to develop a design which can only be implemented in this form by using OLED”. Karsten Heuser, who is advancing the topic of OLED as General Manager at OSRAM, adds: “OLED offers wholly new design opportunities. With each one of our luminaires, we direct attention to one of these options.”

Despite the flowing lightness and harmony of the structures, which take as their inspiration the arabesque, a ballet position, the biomorphic shape casts its spell on the observer.