translucent wood and light installation brightens children’s hospital in australia

Via ArchDaily:  A nicely executed example of embedded lighting.  Another example of how thin plies of wood veneer can be used for translucent back lighting. For children especially, hospitals can be anxiety-inducing and overwhelming space. New media studio ENESS aims … Continue reading translucent wood and light installation brightens children’s hospital in australia

a special thanks to the US DOE

As a United States citizen, I express my deep personal thanks to the entire team at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solid State Lighting program for their vision, courage and tenacity in driving forward the entire lighting industry for the past 12+ years. The US DOE SSL recognized early in the technology cycle of LED’s — when white light LEDs barely yet existed — that they could have a tremendous impact on lowering the United States’ energy consumption.  The DOE team provided a steady hand and plenty of common sense in their approach to the nascent technology, talking with numerous … Continue reading a special thanks to the US DOE

LED strip lights on construction sites?

At lunch today I walked by a nearby construction site for a new building and noticed something interesting:  The contractors were using flexible LED strip lights for their temporary work lighting.  They had it strung up and threaded through the scaffolding. How interesting it is to see a leap in technology from blinding high-power, fragile metal halide “cage lights” to flexible, durable cords of light that distribute the illumination far more evenly.  I bet they have these strip lights on cord reels just like any other electric extension cord or pneumatic hose. Sorry, no pictures – I didn’t want to be rude … Continue reading LED strip lights on construction sites?

xal move it system

An impressive track lighting system from XAL with a nicely-executed marketing video succinctly showing the numerous options and features (below).  The “Move It” system uses a magnetic attachment system to allow the fixtures to be slid along the length, making it much more friendly to non-technical people to adjust the lighting.  Plus the design and technical refinement of the spots and linear fixtures is great to see. Continue reading xal move it system

intel joule

Interesting post from The Verge on a new chip set from Intel called Joule that is intended to bring powerful computer vision capabilities to low cost, IoT types of devices. The application for using vision systems in architectural lighting control, interactive lighting installations, retail tracking/interaction systems, etc. continues to hold great promise – and as tech like this from Intel continues to drop the price/complexity of such hardware and IP networking becomes pervasive in lighting, there will be a tipping point when camera vision becomes the de-facto sensing standard.  Despite the fear of “big bother” always watching, the system capabilities and advantages of … Continue reading intel joule