Caspar is a startup focusing on learning/artificial intelligence systems for residential smarthome applications, especially for multi-unit residential developments. I definitely believe that lighting and other building systems need to become more automated, and the concept of a learning/auto-adjusting system fits … Continue reading caspar

no more ads on lucept

I ponied up the money to WordPress to eliminate the ads from my site. I had always used the “free” version of WordPress.  But of course nothing in life is free so apologies to my readers – I didn’t realize how obnoxious the ads were until I moved to a new computer and saw lucept from the point of view of a normal reader – not via the WordPress authoring tool. I never made any money from those ads and do not endorse any of that content! Continue reading no more ads on lucept

retail ceilings desperately need to be rethought

Here are the current choices: Cheap sheetrock pockmarked with lights, fire protection, HVAC, security, etc Cheaper ACT with the same Exposed structural ceilings, with the same, but letting it all “hang out” Someone who “designed it”, meaning they just painted it out all black Does anyone, anywhere have budget to innovate something different? Continue reading retail ceilings desperately need to be rethought