a warranty does not equal a service commitment

There is tremendous pressure from the specification community for manufacturers to offer very long warranties on lighting equipment: 5 or 10 years is now the typical request. The usual comment goes something like “if you claim your product lasts for a bazillion hours, why don’t you back it up?” I find this naive on the part of the specification community. A warranty doesn’t solve the fundamental problem that many LED fixtures are designed as “disposable” items instead of as modular assemblies based on industry standard parts.  Specifiers don’t like to imagine (or admit to their clients) that an entire fixture has to be replaced if … Continue reading a warranty does not equal a service commitment

zumtobel to launch customer R+D center in amsterdam

Rogier van der Heide is already busy at Zumtobel, opening a new R+D center in Amsterdam.  According to the press release: Before January is out, the company, which is based in Austria, is to open a new “Lichtforum” (light forum) at the heart of Amsterdam. The new facility will be designed to act as an open house, facilitating dialogue and close collaboration with leading architects, lighting designers technology experts and research partners. The Lichtforum, which will be located on the top floor of the UP Building – one of the tallest office buildings in downtown Amsterdam – will also host … Continue reading zumtobel to launch customer R+D center in amsterdam

circular economy update

A few interesting pieces relating to developing a Circular Economy: Philips hosted a expert panel debate in Brussels: In the past century, the developed world has followed a linear model of production and consumption. Goods were manufactured, sold, used and disposed. It has created immense wealth, but this model is starting to reach its limits. The circular economy aims to decouple economy growth from the use of natural resources by using resources more effectively and repeatedly, thus eliminating waste. It provides multiple benefits, including: innovation, new business models, creation of more value, reduce waste landfill and emissions, and better quality … Continue reading circular economy update