the virtual sets of the mandalorian (yet again!)

I just can’t get enough of seeing the behind the scenes of the Mandalorian, with the production’s use of large-format LED screens and live rendering technologies to create virtual backgrounds (check out my previous posts on the Mandalorian, Jon Favreau’s comments on digital transformation, and First Man).

I simply can’t adequately convey how profoundly I believe this technology is going to change how we build, use, even conceive of our built environments – far beyond the confines of a Hollywood sound stage. The continuing evolution and plummeting cost of large-format LED screens will drive radical change in experiential location-based retail, entertainment, even office environments.

Check out this video of the incredible use of the technologies used on the Mandalorian (especially if you haven’t seen the behind the scenes Disney+ series “Disney Gallery: Star Wars/The Mandalorian):