LumaNext is a New Jersey-based seed-stage startup that is launching a “smart-power” system for managing a standalone DC-based power grid in applications such as retail shops. LumaNext is developing an intelligent “power router” that can manage DC input/output loads from a variety of devices, including solar, battery or by efficiently converting AC to DC from the grid.  They’ve developed DC-DC drivers and even a few of their own light fixtures.

lumanext system diagram

I’ve long been a proponent of DC-based power systems for architectural projects.  Almost every electrical device in a modern building ultimately needs DC power, but we keep installing AC grids with horribly inefficient localized AC/DC converters for each device.   Systems like LumaNext have a host of advantages, such as lower installation labor charges due to the low-power DC wiring, the ability for non-electrician staff to adjust or reposition light fixtures in flexible ceiling grids, and a huge efficiency advantage for the growing number of “green building” projects that have native solar power generation and battery storage systems.  Systems like LumaNext are the key building block for truly off-grid building projects.

LumaNext has already achieved pilot roll-out projects with Rent-a-Center stores and a trial at Target.  Success with finding Series A funding!