The global powerhouse design firm UNStudio recently announced that it is launching a tech startup/spin-off called UNSense that will focus on using sensor-based technologies for the built environment. According to their PR announcement: With UNSense, our aim is to improve physical, mental and … Continue reading unsense

skandal technologies

Lighting designer Tapio Rosenius and a few other founders have recently launched an interesting new startup called Skandal Technologies exploring the field of ambient architectural communication via embedded lighting. Not much is public yet, but according to Tapio’s LinkedIn page and their website: Ambient Communication is a new practice where data informs interventions into the physical environment. Humans have substantial ability to process ambient and peripheral information that directly affects our feelings and subconscious contextual understanding without the need to activate cognitive thought processes. Introducing meaningful digital feeds to our built environments through ambient communication we enhance and extend our … Continue reading skandal technologies

the light engine of the future

Today I took the time to explore Dutch Design Week, to tour the immense range of offerings scattered throughout the city of Eindhoven.  A dazzling display of aesthetic, technical, and programmatic creativity, DDW showcases top creative talent from across the country, ranging from college kids in design, art, architecture, multimedia and fashion degrees, from individual artists to the powerhouse design brands. Stepping back, there were clear trends.  Sustainable thinking was a huge component of the show, with countless examples of innovative uses of alternative natural materials, use of recycled man-made materials, and systemic circular economy product designs tied to innovative … Continue reading the light engine of the future