intel joule

Interesting post from The Verge on a new chip set from Intel called Joule that is intended to bring powerful computer vision capabilities to low cost, IoT types of devices. The application for using vision systems in architectural lighting control, interactive lighting installations, retail tracking/interaction systems, etc. continues to hold great promise – and as tech like this from Intel continues to drop the price/complexity of such hardware and IP networking becomes pervasive in lighting, there will be a tipping point when camera vision becomes the de-facto sensing standard.  Despite the fear of “big bother” always watching, the system capabilities and advantages of … Continue reading intel joule


Voxel8 is a Boston-based, Harvard spin-out startup that is integrating the printing of conductive materials directly into 3D printing. The future is pretty obvious at this point: I’ve previously mentioned conductive ink and 3D printing — combining the two is an obvious step … Continue reading voxel8


Terasel is an EU-backed research consortium studying flexible electronics. According to their site: The TERASEL project envisions a world where non-intrusive electronics are integrated everywhere. To achieve this twenty-first century dream using reliable and economical techniques, the TERASEL consortium targets … Continue reading terasel

l.e.s.s. lighting

L.E.S.S. Lighting is a Swiss based startup with an apparently novel new form of light source they call “nano fiber lighting”. According to their site: L.E.S.S. (“Light Efficient Systems”) introduces the next generation of distributed lighting systems as a new alternative to today’s LEDs or discharge tubes. Based on an active nanostructured fiber of the thickness of a human hair, our technology generates high quality light that exhibits both ultra-uniformity and brightness characteristics, surpassing today’s quality standards. In addition, the thinness of our fiber offers a high integration potential and unlimited design potential. Here is an article on their history/success. Their … Continue reading l.e.s.s. lighting