immersive digital walls

Immersive, large-format LED digital display walls will transform how we conceive of physical retail and hospitality projects. Architectural-scale LED displays and mesmerizing live-rendered motion graphics will envelope and captivate your guests.

For literally 24+ years, I’ve been exploring what happens when the walls and surfaces that surround us in the built environment become luminous and then evolve up to digital media surfaces. Back in 1999, I had to use some ingenious 1/4″ scale architectural models, slide projectors, 35mm slide scanners and very early versions of Photoshop (4.0!) to even start to illustrate the future concepts I was proposing.

Nowadays, I can just type a few words into Midjourney and click “variations” and “upscale” until my heart’s content! But the visuals are no longer the challenge – it is inspiring clients to see the potential in both the art and the technology of developing immersive digital experiences for their businesses in retail, hospitality, healthcare, etc. More on the methodology of creating “immersive digital experiences” will be coming later.

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Enjoy the slideshow below – scroll left or right to see the whole set.