healing pixels

Can immersive digital experiences transform healthcare?  Can architectural-scale digital surfaces and visually stunning live content help patients recover faster?

What happens if we take the typical beige plastic purgatories known as patient rooms and transform them into technicolor feasts for the eyes? When rich palettes of light and motion help distract and sooth worried patients. When fear and boredom becomes unexpected delight and joy.

With an experience control system that generates live-rendered, visually enthralling biomimetic patterns and healing artscapes of lush colors and rich motion graphics. With a system that sees if a patient is awake, or sleeping, or visiting with a guest and adjusts on-the-fly accordingly.  With a system that delivers the lighting doses needed for healthy circadian rhythm and also responds seamlessly to the practical service needs of the healthcare workers.

Far fetched? Not at all. The tech has existed for years. The cost of wall-scale LCD or LED displays continues to plummet. Computer vision and live rendering technologies are cheap and widespread. Experience control systems like Digivalet, Skandal Tech and Unreal Engine can already create and control such content-rich experiences.

For some inspiration, let’s look at these AI generated concepts:

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