steamy pixels

What would it be like to step into a shower and be transported to a visually rich, technicolor wonderland of motion? Abstract biomimetic patterns, flying through the cosmos, motion graphics of wonderous richness. With the steam and the water pulsating on your sore muscles, add a kaleidoscopic visual experience to reset your mind on a much deeper level.

How many showers have you been in that were dimly lit, dank little boxes?  Maybe its time we use digital surfaces to reimagine showers as luxury immersive experiences.

Or maybe you will be transported to a natural scene of resplendent beauty and tranquility. Showering alongside a tropical waterfall or sun drenched beach. Go ahead and unleash your exhibitionist side, the pixels won’t blush. Feeling grungy after arriving late at night from a long flight to Paris? Maybe you would like a nighttime view of the Eiffel Tower? No problem. Just ask your shower. That will fix up your mood in a hurry.

Are you developing a luxury residential or hospitality project and the bathrooms are positioned in the core with no windows? Turn those concrete walls into a stunning, highly marketable experience.

Far fetched? Not at all. The cost of wall-scale LCD or LED displays continues to plummet and are available in a wide range of sizes and proportions to fit the dimensions of bathroom spaces. Live rendering technologies are cheap and widespread. The core challenges are largely mechanical design and UX/UI design, both of which provide tremendous opportunity for proprietary innovations.

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