reimagining fitting rooms

How will immersive digital experiences transform retail design? Let’s explore how we might reconceive of the humble fitting room experience.

Let’s imagine how we might use the full complement tools:

  • Direct-view LED signage modules, which are fully flexible and can be fit to amorphous shapes.
  • Digital projection projection mapping, which can turn any surface or piece of clothing into a digital surface.
  • Dynamic LED lighting, which can help extend the digital content to envelop the entire room.
  • Live rendering, which can use a variety of media and live/interactive data streams to render clothing, effects and gorgeous atmospheric effects in a highly personal and reactive approach.

Put together, we can envision sumptuous immersive digital experiences at the crucial moment when your customers feel most vulnerable – trying on your clothing to see if it physically fits and – perhaps more importantly – to see if it fits their lifestyle and personal hopes/dreams/ambitions.