virtual experiences in architecture

Fusion CI Studios posted a short video on LinkedIn that shows how powerful a digital experience can be at full architectural scale, showing off a piece of content that is really just a simple view of a tropical ocean. But imagine seeing something like this in real life at 8K resolution – it would be stunning.

As I commented in a previous post, DVLED screens have already reached a pixel pitch density and brightness level that can simulate a real daylight-brightness view at full 1:1 architectural scale. Currently, DVLED screens are effectively more capable of delivering a “VR” experience than VR headsets. Technology is improving so fast, that even screens such as 8K native resolution large format DVLED (such as Sony’s absolute show stopper at 2019’s ISE show) will quickly become commonplace in architectural applications. Check out Samsung’s marketing for its high-end “The Wall” product line.

So the critical challenge for design teams of physical places is becoming what CONTENT to use to “make” a space. Most architects and various other consultants are simply not prepared to embrace this future…yet.