lucept is 10 years old!

Wow! I missed a big anniversary. Oops!

Back in July, Lucept turned 10 years old!

A fun little hobby blog looking at the incredibly specific and nerdy topic of “future trends in architectural lighting” has nevertheless accumulated 903 posts, 128,356 visitors and 476,596 views.

And it is still just from one lighting nerd, yours truly.

Ever wonder why my logo is a red square? Because originally I intended to launch Lucept as a fixture manufacturer. My first product was going to be a surface-mounted, square LED downlight, with a highly decorative wide-pan heat sink.

I was going to take the concept of the ColorKinetics eW Downlight Powercore, which I designed in 2007, and modify it so the heatsink was a large CNC-cut plate of aluminum with beautiful decorative patterns. Customers could have configured it with a variety of patterns, colors, etc. I thought it would be perfect for hospitality applications looking to retrofit and spruce up corridors.

Related image
The original ColorKinetics eW Downlight. In 2007, a revolutionary fixture that offered a narrow 25 degree beam in a fixture only 2″ deep, 7 3/4″ square. One of the first on the market with high quality warm white LEDs with decent color binning and decent efficacy (at least better than the MR16 and twin quad-tube fluorescent fixtures it targeted!). No other fixture or even lamps could produce narrow beams like that in such an ultra-shallow unit.

I can only get a screen cap of the old drawing, but below you can get the gist of the concept.

I got as far as sourcing prototype components and building a working fixture. So why didn’t I go through with it and launch a lighting company? Money, of course. My wife and I just had a child, the financial recession pounded the economy, and voila, dreams get shelved. But the blog has survived!

Here’s to another decade of pontificating on future trends in architectural lighting.

Cheers, Brad