commonplace studio

Commonplace Studio is an Amsterdam-based design studio consisting of designer Jon Stam and hard- and software engineer Simon de Bakker. Stam and de Bakker are creating some very interesting concepts that integrate micro digital projectors into ceiling- and wall-luminaires to create stunning visual effects.

As I was looking for a studio space in Amsterdam, by serendipity I was introduced to Jon. He described how they integrate a micro-projector engine and compact Raspberry Pi unit into glass globes. The examples they show on their website projects a lighting storm inside the globes – which reminds me of the phrase “tempest in a teacup” – and the resultant “Lumiere Cloud” is dazzling. A video is embedded below, also make sure to look at the videos embedded throughout their website.

This whole concept continues my long held belief that all architectural lighting systems will simply become some form of “pixels.” In this case, each small glass globe not only has an HD display, it also has its own local media server in micro format.

These guys should really hook up with Artemide! Beautiful stuff!

Note: On their website it is not obvious, but be sure to click the mouse button to scroll through more images (the typical scroll wheel function doesn’t work).