integrated system technologies

ISTL has some interesting multi-protocol, centralized LED driver products available. The White Knight 36 is the world’s first LED driver to integrate an advanced control system alongside a powerful 1000W driver stage, capable of controlling up to 36 independent output channels with the widest ever range of dimming control protocols. The White Knight 36 can be dynamically configured to use DALI, DMX, DSI, RDM, Art-Net3, KiNET & sACN dimming protocols, whilst being able to monitor external occupancy and ambient light sensors without the need for expensive external control systems. Continue reading integrated system technologies


An interesting development in applying the Internet of Things to an urban scale:  A low-cost, low-power, low-bandwidth but wide-range network that is so cheap, volunteer groups are setting up city-wide test networks.  And even right here in my home city of Amsterdam! Via the LoRa Alliance: LoRaWAN™ is a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) specification intended for wireless battery operated Things in regional, national or global network. LoRaWAN target key requirements of internet of things such as secure bi-directional communication, mobility and localization services. This standard will provide seamless interoperability among smart Things without the need of complex local … Continue reading LoRaWAN