limbic media

Limbic Media is a startup based in British Columbia that is developing real time, interactive lighting controls.  Their first product is a sound-activated, predictive control system called “Aurora” with intelligent “AI” learning functions.

Beyond their initial product based on audio control, their CTO Manjinder Benning wrote an excellent piece in LED Professional (Sept/Oct 2018, Issue 69) titled “Interactive Lighting Control is Opening New Doors for LED Applications”, in which Benning describes the benefits of truly autonomous, interactive lighting control systems.

I’m very pleased to see the development of “real time” lighting controls as a tech trend in the lighting world.  Limbic joins Skandal and Lightact in launching very interesting new lighting control concepts, all of which share the key trait of processing a variety of real time inputs to produce “parametric” or “generative” lighting effects.

Make sure to check out the whole piece by Benning.  I will quote the conclusion:

[Interactive] technology…addresses these barriers to new LED applications by controlling LED interactivity autonomously yet elegantly. The system analyzes data input, including music, non-musical audio, and non-audio data streams for distinct input features. Input features are mapped into distinct LED output parameters based on human preferences, and indexed into the system’s database. This indexing allows the system to autonomously predict upcoming data input and intelligently refine its output over time.

The system’s design avoids the need for timely human programming and maintenance, creates LED mapping that looks aesthetically detailed and intuitive, and allows real-time interaction from a variety of data inputs. This has clear benefits to the LED lighting industry: it opens doors to new applications in various sectors seeking interactive solutions for consumers. It creates heightened multi-sensory, end-user experiences. It offers a sophisticated tool for lighting technicians and professional designers.