smarteagle sensor solutions

SmartEagle is a Dutch-based spinoff of IoT-development company Evalan that uses camera-based sensor systems and AI to accurately detect and analyze desk usage in office environments.

They never blatantly say they use cameras, but it is pretty obvious by the picture of their sensor and their security comments:

The sensing device has advanced on-board analytics. It contains a processing unit with AI machine learning software to calculate the real time occupancy accurately on the device itself. Only the occupancy (meta)data of workspaces is shared. Person identities are not determined and can therefore not be shared. Result is, the privacy of individual employees is protected.

The system reminds me of concepts demo’d by both Panasonic/VS and Toshiba at Light + Building way back in 2014. But SmartEagle appears to have developed more sophisticated software fronting their system concept.