energie IP

Energie IP is a Paris-based startup that is developing a building management system (BMS) based on Power-over-Ethernet technology (PoE).

Energie IP system diagram Capture

PoE holds promise in architectural projects to accomplish three key objectives:  Distribute DC power with inherent IP-connectivity to the thousands of lights, sensors, switches, cameras, thermometers, etc. contained within any modern building, while reducing the overall cost and complexity of such systems.   Several companies, both big and small, have tested PoE concepts over the past 10 years.  I believe the first was Redwood Systems, which was acquired by CommScope (but was shuttered at some point thereafter).  Hopefully one of these pilots will hit the right combination of features and cost to break through the notoriously slow-to-evolve construction market.

It is interesting that Energie IP is launching their own high power switches with up to 100W per port and 56 ports per switch – 5600W total is a lot of power for a rack PSU.  PoE switches were prohibitively expensive previously – hopefully Energie will reduce the costs considerably.  Plus they are launching their own drivers with internal switches that can daisychain – further reducing “home run” wiring costs for every single device.

Energie IP daisy chain diagram Capture