GaN killed the Philips Lumileds deal

According to the NY Times, apparently the US government killed the Lumileds deal over potential military applications of gallium nitride (GaN), one of the key ingredients in LED technology. At the center of the committee’s concerns on the Philips deal, according to Mr. Lewis, was a little known but increasingly important advanced semiconductor material called gallium nitride. Though not a household name like silicon, gallium nitride, often referred to by its abbreviation GaN, could be used to construct a new generation of powerful and versatile microchips.   It has been used for decades in the low-energy light sources known as … Continue reading GaN killed the Philips Lumileds deal

the future of architectural lighting experiences: integrated systems europe 2015

The large Integrated Systems Europe expo is a crazy mish-mash of professional grade audio systems, display technologies, video processing technologies, a smattering of lighting controls, plus a host of ancillary accessories and supporting companies.  The show is held every year here in … Continue reading the future of architectural lighting experiences: integrated systems europe 2015

how to build a circular economy

Nice article in Fast Company introducing the principles of Circular Economy strategies, mostly taken from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. A circular economy is one where goods are restored and regenerated more widely, moving from a system of virgin inputs and piles of waste to one that returns used products to a useful state. It is also an economy that minimizes resource use by moving away from individual ownership towards more leasing, renting, and sharing. The aim is to cut environmental damage and allow companies to keep control of the value in their products. Continue reading how to build a circular economy

philips rocking the iF design awards and european patent office

Sometimes it’s nice to brag about your company… Philips has been honored with 47 prestigious awards at the 2014 iF design awards, including an unprecedented 4 Gold awards. The iF seal of good design is awarded by one of the world’s most influential design competitions. This year Philips has achieved the highest number of awarded entries in 2014, in the product category. According to the rankings:  Samsung is #1, with Philips in a very close #2 position, followed by Sony in #3.  Apple is down at #6. And you can bet that Philips covers its ass with IP: Royal Philips … Continue reading philips rocking the iF design awards and european patent office

US DOE SSL R+D Workshop

I recently presented at and attended the US Department of Energy’s Solid State Lighting 2014 R+D Workshop in Tampa, Florida.  A terrific event, the US DOE’s SSL group uses this input from key industry participants to help guide their long-term funding programs with the goal of promoting the adoption of energy-efficient LED and OLED lighting technologies. You can find my slide deck here:  20140106_BK_DOESSL_2014 Workshop_Tampa_V3_extra annotations We need to find ways to reduce the total costs of advanced lighting systems.  And as big a fan as I am regarding digital lighting technologies, I want our industry to leave behind a positive … Continue reading US DOE SSL R+D Workshop

emerging tech roundup

About a year and half ago I posted a brief roundup of emerging lighting tech companies.  Here we go again… I recently received the conference program for the upcoming 2014 Strategies in Light, to be held this February in Silicon Valley.  SIL is a fantastic conference that really focuses on cutting edge tech for the lighting industry…a brewing pot of R+D and investors (I spoke at both the 2013 SIL conference in Silicon Valley and the 2013 SIL Europe conference in Munich).  In flipping through the program, I saw a few interesting tech companies that I would like to point … Continue reading emerging tech roundup