Some vintage images for my old Color Kinetics colleagues.  Circa April 2007, our very first “MegaBlast” prototype at the old 10 Milk Street office location in the Financial District of Downtown Boston.

Our engineers put the first prototype optics on the LED board and lit it up for the first time, probably on a bench power supply.  We were blown away by the power…250 watts in a 5 degree optic.  It was the one of the most powerful LED fixtures ever at the time, and so amazing that we aimed it out the window and blasted the entire side of a building across the plaza.  It happened to be a drizzly wet night, so the beam was super visible.  The GOOD OLD DAYS!

MegaBlast was launched as ColorReach, which premiered on the top of the Empire State Building has gone on to light up countless landmarks around the world.