understanding apple’s product launch events

Check out this well-considered video analyzing why Apple’s newer, post-pandemic style of product launch events are so successful. I made some quick notes of the 10 key items Arun Maini raises, below:

10. Feel Good Factor – “be a part of this healthy, natural lifestyle…” Light, airy, beautiful location
9. Familiarity – “come on in, like you’re a friend to us” You already feel quite familiar with Apple’s building, like you know them, via the videography are welcomed into all areas, Tim Cook’s friendly, familiar greeting
8. Secrecy – It is a tough sell to get people to watch a one hour sales pitch – you have to make it feel like they about to watch “breaking news” revealing a big secret
7. Delayed Gratification – Use of pre-suasion, getting people sympathetic to your message ahead of time, put the most important announcements last, spend the vast majority of the event telling the little details that get people excited about the end reveal
6. Human Language – Often Apple identifies a problem, showing real people suffering from that problem, and identifies a real-life use case to justify the new innovation – not talking arcane technical specifications. Most used word in an Apple Event is “YOU”
5. Framing – How to deliver on such high public expectations? Apple starts using the base of their previous product as “already best in world”, then how they are improving them – creates a feeling that everything is a bonus. Does not compare to competitors.
4. Quality Not Quantity – Vast majority of companies silently make many aspects of their products better each year – but Apple picks only a few and focuses intensely on them with great storytelling – for a simple, memorable & shareable message
3. Deliver Immediately – Product/upgrade/feature available immediately after keynote – increasing personal relevancy
2. Media Production Value – Extraordinary investment in the creative concept and obsessing over countless production details – turning a Powerpoint presentation into an enjoyable piece of content
1. Experience The Products – Bring the product closer to the viewer – huge scale of the product visuals – portrayed in the most visceral way possible – Apple figures out what message they want to say and then tunes every aspect of the story and media production to convey that message

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