revelations and resonance

Here’s a short video competition entry that I made a few years ago as a hobby project. A primer on data-driven ambient media communications in architectural spaces. Frankly, I forgot that I even made this video – it was the source of the content I repurposed for the blog post wrap your spaces in social media – Lucept. I think my timing was impeccably bad, as I stupidly picked social media as the data stream right when social media was experiencing fierce blow-back from the ridiculous political climate.

But social media wasn’t ever the core point of this presentation – any data stream can ultimately be used for ambient communications, from the stock market price to the weather to any live database – the key point was really just utilizing data to drive impact on the real world, not just the virtual world.

Very nerdy. And I’m not a video editor. (Probably why Lexus never asked me to participate in some fabulous Milan exhibition!) But the principles are solid. You have thus been warned…