bee’ah’s office of the future

Check out this incredible future-visioning video from Bee’ah, a large UAE-based environmental services company. Bee’ah is building a stunning new corporate headquarters with Zaha Hadid Architects, with ambitious goals of being a net-zero energy site, powered fully through sustainable energy sources and also a LEED Platinum project.

The concept video explores a tightly integrated vision of employee interactions with the office systems throughout a routine day, augmented with AI, voice controls, machine learning, etc. Bee’ah has partnered with Microsoft and Johnson Controls to realize such an ambitious technical program, under the auspices of the UAE public/private EVOTEQ program.

My criticism though: Sadly, there are zero interactions with lighting systems depicted in the video. The project shows primarily old fashioned open office plans (but surrounded in Zaha Hadid’s gorgeous parametrically-design, digitally fabricated cladding!), precluding any real concepts of personalized lighting solutions. Seems an obvious miss for such a sophisticated project. They could rethink their FF&E package and find ways to integrate lighting and digital media at a highly personalized modular unit.

Some eye candy still caps below.