skandal technologies

Lighting designer Tapio Rosenius and a few other founders have recently launched an interesting new startup called Skandal Technologies exploring the field of ambient architectural communication via embedded lighting.

Not much is public yet, but according to Tapio’s LinkedIn page and their website:

Ambient Communication is a new practice where data informs interventions into the physical environment. Humans have substantial ability to process ambient and peripheral information that directly affects our feelings and subconscious contextual understanding without the need to activate cognitive thought processes. Introducing meaningful digital feeds to our built environments through ambient communication we enhance and extend our conscious and subconscious awareness of what is going on around us.

Using light as the main medium ambient communication intelligently informs, guides, decorates, entertains and creates narrative branding and new functionalities to spaces. It extends architectural surfaces, wayfinding strategies and contextual marketing into digital services, giving owners, developers, designers and architects the opportunity to engage, assist and service building users in a new way.

At Skandal Technologies we develop intelligent ambient communication systems utilising proprietary software, printed electronics light sheets, biomimetic lighting control, sensing and analytics. We work for real estate developers, architects, designers and retailers willing to create new kind of IoT services, light features and ambient communication surfaces. With our lighting systems the space talks to its users in an ambient way.