LG OLED – update

Some updates I’ve found for LG’s OLED program…

Magnetic Mounting

LG launched a very cool solution for attaching their panels to surfaces:  A magnetic click connection with a 360 degree rotating electrical connection.

LG OLED RN_201010_1LG OLED RN_201010_3LG OLED Magnetic_a

The fundamental problem of how to use paper-thin sheets of light is where OLED will win or lose, and LG is right to focus on these types of accessories.  LG’s magnetic click is a much more elegant solution than the click base that Panasonic demo’d back in 2012.

Design Collaborations

Via their marketing program with DesignBoom:

LG’s OLED team is conducting numerous design explorations for their OLED products – and to great success.  Some of the results look gorgeous, plus their building their luxury lighting “design cred” by collaborations with heavyweights like Ross Lovegrove.

The video below recounts their extensive 2017 exhibits at Milan:

And they hosted an open-innovation program where they offered support to either product developers to create OLED concepts or architectural projects looking to install OLED.

For posterity, since these corporate pages often fade into oblivion, below is the text from the LG page:

LG OLED light Collaboration Program
We are at a very exciting stage in the evolution of lighting technology. Due to its unique form factor and excellent quality of light, OLED provide a vast range of new opportunities. Among the many discussions, the possibility of how OLEDs could be integrated into new type of products has been frequently mentioned. We are well aware that there are brilliant minds out there eager to create something unprecedented with OLEDs, and we are here to help you make your ideas into reality.

The purpose of this program comes in two categories:
One is to support product manufacturers / designers who are looking to create and produce new products with OLEDs. For this category, the products eligible for application includes any product, lighting/non-lighting as long as the product is not categorized as a ‘general’ lighting product (luminaire or fixture);

The second purpose of this program is to support architectural projects willing to install OLEDs. The application is not limited to any particular format – whether it takes form of a fixture/luminaire, or a direct integration of the OLEDs into the structure, etc. – as long as the OLEDs find a permanent place within the architectural structure.

The scope of support for each selected project will be determined on the following criteria:
Expected volume and growth potential
Referential value
– How well the product incorporates the characteristics/advantages of OLEDs
– How much awareness the project is expected to raise, etc.
Feasibility and expected timeline of execution

The scope of support may include the following (depending on the review results):
Technical support, design support, installation guidance
Special discounts for panels
Free sample support for product development
Cost sharing for development, prototyping, etc.
OLED panel support (for installations)
Co-promotion on LG Display’s communication channels
Opportunity to exhibit at future LG Display exhibitions
Opportunity to apply to future LG Group projects, etc.

Each selected applicant will be contacted along with a proposed range of support.