what is your workflow for designing embedded lighting installations?

BKoerner Parametric Lighting_wProject

To echo a piece I just published on LinkedIn, I’m asking my network for what cool software tricks designers are using to accomplish embedded lighting installations. I’m doing a bit of research for my upcoming conference presentation at Strategies in Light in Long Beach in February 2018.

Rhino + Grasshopper?  3DSMax? WYSIWYG? Processing?  Apple Motion?  TouchDesigner? Hippotizer?  How crazy do you get on your projects?

I’ll open up the discussion option on this post, or feel free to ping me directly at brad.koerner  <<<<at>>>>> gmail.com

Below is a repost of what I put up on LinkedIn:

Embedded lighting is the fusion of light directly into architectural surfaces, where the boundary between “lighting fixture” and “architectural surface” is blurred into a seamless luminous hybrid. Examples abound of lighting systems tightly integrated into architectural construction systems, such as luminous walls or ceilings in architectural interiors, media screens in interior or exterior applications, lighting systems into architectural facades, etc.

To all my friends and colleagues in the lighting design, interior design and architectural communities, I would like to conduct a brief survey: What is your digital workflow for such complicated “embedded lighting” projects? Please share in the comments below or message me on LinkedIn!

Are you using unusual new software or techniques to:

  • Create concept presentations (sketches, renderings, videos, interactive demos, VR)?
  • Create detailed designs (embedded lighting via parametric design)?
  • Create system simulations (energy performance, visual aesthetics, interactivity)?
  • Create specification documents (embedded lighting in BIM)?
  • Complete system commissioning (translating simulations into final programming)?

I’m most interested to hear what tools you are using to complete your wildest projects and would like to share these state-of-the-art techniques at an upcoming conference presentation: The PennWell team has invited me to present at their Strategies In Lightconference in Long Beach, California in February 2018. Below is my official abstract for my 30 minute presentation. I hope to see you all there!

Embedded Lighting: Using Parametric Design and Virtual Rendering Tools to Fuse Lighting into Architectural Surfaces

Pushing, pulling and dragging architectural lighting into the future: New lighting technologies permit creative luminous features to be embedded directly into architectural surfaces. But to enable this new fusion of lighting systems with architectural systems, lighting manufacturers must embrace the advances already achieved in modern architectural design and construction workflows. This seminar will review examples of using virtual renderings, BIM, parametric design and digital manufacturing to transform the traditional lighting sales and service process and to drive the adoption of higher margin embedded lighting solutions.

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