lighting design in BIM via AR/VR


There are some really cool things are happening with the combination of BIM (building information modeling…such as Revit) with AR (augmented reality).  Via SPAR3D, one supplier, Visualive3D, has developed software where a BIM model can be accurately aligned to a real world site, so that a person can tour a BIM model live and in full-scale using Microsoft Hololens glasses.

Clearly the potential for this in a variety of AEC design processes is amazing.

Lighting designers could virtually review their projects during design.  During construction, a lighting designer could walk a raw, unfinished construction site and compare against the BIM model, to identify potential construction issues or clarify important details with the contractor.  Or for renovations or historic projects, a lighting designer could use software like TiltBrush to virtually “paint in” a lighting design at 1:1 scale, in the actual space.  WOW!