rijksmuseum: president obama visits

The big deal here in Amsterdam on Monday was President Obama visiting the Rijksmuseum.

He made one a hell of an entrance, considering they blockaded the entire Museumplein and landed not just one, but four helicopters for his short trip from Schiphol Airport:


Obama came to check out our lighting.  Don’t believe me?  Try this photo:

Obama Rijks 1

Yes, that’s The Leader of the Free World looking up exactly at the spot where our track fixtures are positioned for lighting Rembrandt’s Night Watch.



For what its worth, the Philips Lumileds Luxeon S LEDs that we designed into the 3,800 track fixtures illuminating the artwork throughout the museum were made in America — at Lumileds’ San Jose fab.  Hey Obama — you missed a great “American green tech export” story!

And here is Obama with the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, the Mayor of Amsterdam, and the Director of the Museum checking out some early documents of the Dutch settlement of New York in the Front Hall, with our custom LED chandeliers as backdrop.  Check out our PLD-C presentation slides for more info on the project.

Barack Obama, Wim Pijbes, Mark Rutte,  Eberhard van der Laan


Obama Rijks 5

Obama Rijks 4