modular lighting: scotty

I’ve discussed previously how sci-fi movies of the past provide terrific guidance as to the future of lighting, but this might be taking that a bit too literally:  Modular Lighting has introduced “Scotty“, a recessed “downlight” version of their highly innovative “Spock” fixture (which I covered in this post).  I put “downlight” in quotes very purposefully:  This fixture is nothing like the downlight your grandfather used.

“Scotty” uses the same innovative radial disk spot optics from the surface mounted “Spock” fixture.  I have to say:  I saw these fixtures in Milan, and the optic really is amazing, projecting a terrific beam of light with very low glare from any angle outside of the direct beam.  The fixture maintains a pleasant, moderated sense of brightness.  Plus the housing and mechanics of the fixture are exceptional.

These fixtures really strike a beautiful balance between minimalism and honesty:  They are not pretending to be “invisible” like traditional downlights (which fail to do so), but they are elegantly unobtrusive, fitting into even the cleanest of architectural compositions.

“Scotty” comes in both a fixed downlight and an adjustable accent.