philips + lighting design collective launch “generative content” control system

Philips Design, Philips Large Luminous Surfaces, and Madrid-based Lighting Design Collective have teamed up to create two different “generative content” functions for the Philips Luminous Textiles product line. Wind Wall Here the platform uses algorithms driven by external triggers such as wind … Continue reading philips + lighting design collective launch “generative content” control system

biomimetic lighting systems

There are three broad market trends currently impacting architecture and urban design:  The first is the incorporation into the exteriors of buildings of novel energy conservation (e.g. solar shading systems) and generation (e.g. solar photovoltaic) features.  The second is the continued development and incorporation of “low-resolution” digital media displays on building facades and within larger urban settings.  The third is the desire for communities to develop differentiated, “branded” urban environments to stimulate their local economies. There is tremendous innovation space contained within the overlap between these three trends.  How are lighting systems incorporated into the innovative exterior cladding systems of … Continue reading biomimetic lighting systems