philips + lighting design collective launch “generative content” control system

philips luminous textiles wind wall

Philips Design, Philips Large Luminous Surfaces, and Madrid-based Lighting Design Collective have teamed up to create two different “generative content” functions for the Philips Luminous Textiles product line.

Wind Wall

Here the platform uses algorithms driven by external triggers such as wind speed and temperature to create ever-changing light display. The effect is calming, natural and fascinating. When the wind blows, the lights ripple and swirl. When there is less wind, the lights drift slowly like clouds. The space becomes an ambient communicator.


In this concept the luminous textile displays geometric patterns that change based on movement of people in front of the installation. A passing person affects the lights in real-time. The idea is to derive a tangible and fascinating interaction between human expression and light. In short you create a visual echo.