DOE R+D funding: Cooper Lighting wants to print their LED fixtures

Earlier this summer, the US Department of Energy’s SSL program selected Cooper Lighting (now part of Eaton) as the recipient of $2.4m for their interesting R+D program proposal.  Cooper’s press release is useless, but here is the text from the DOE’s announcement: Recipient: Eaton Corporation Title: Print-Based Manufacturing of Integrated, Low Cost, High Performance SSL Luminaires Summary: The objective of this project is to develop manufacturing process innovation that allows for LED package, chip, or chip array placement directly on a fixture or heatsink. The approach includes the placement of integrated power electronics. Flexible manufacturing for planar, non-planar and recessed … Continue reading DOE R+D funding: Cooper Lighting wants to print their LED fixtures

sci-fi no more: 3d printing suppliers


Let’s say you want to create your own light fixture.  If you can model in 3D, then having rapid prototypes machined or printed has become incredibly easy and relatively cheap to do.  It opens up an entire new world of possibilities for designers, especially those of installation art or projects that are “pushing the edge of the envelope.”

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