rael san fratello + emerging objects

rael-sanfratello JH_salt-590x442

I posted about them in 2013, but I’m so taken by their creative 3D printed materials and wild forms that I’m posting about them again:  Rael San Fratello is an Oakland based architecture studio led by the husband and wife team of Virginia San Fratello and Ronald Rael, who have created some stunning concepts and realized prototypes using large-scale 3D printing for architectural applications.  Emerging Objects is Rael & San Fratello’s architectural 3D printing production company.  They’ve developed an amazing range of unique and beautiful 3D printed materials.

Their use of natural materials like salt and wood dust show real promise for sustainable applications.  And the potential application to lighting is obvious.

They’re starting to combine their 3D printing skills with their architectural design skills, such as this amazing sculptural wall constructed of 3D-printed blocks:

rael sanfratello  JH_PRexteriorClose-590x393

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