specifying a brighter future

Are we specifying, producing and installing lighting systems that we will be proud of in the decades to come? Given all that we know about the disastrous effects of global warming, resource depletion and toxic pollution, are lighting designers proud of what they are specifying today? Are manufacturers proud of the products leaving their loading docks? But what options do we have? In this session we will explore innovation opportunities and next generation concepts in sustainable/circular economy luminaire designs.

That’s the abstract for the conference presentation “Specifying a Brighter Future: Decarbonizing and Detoxifying Lighting Systems” I was scheduled to give at the Light Talks track at the Surface Design Show 2022 in London.

Unfortunately, a family member tested positive the day before I was supposed to travel, so I had to cancel my session (again…my apologies to the SDS team…I’ve spoken at nearly 40 conferences and this was the first one I was unable to attend). So I recorded a voice track on top of the slide deck and voila – here you go: