cooler screens

An excellent interview with Cooler Screens founder and CEO Arsen Avakian talking about his company’s founding, strategies and progress. This is a fantastic discussion for anyone working on digital experience design in physical locations.

While I’m very happy to see such a successful startup playing at the fusion of the physical/digital world, I’m quite frustrated that indeed, my vision of the future came true, but without my involvement. Avakian’s concepts on tracking people in space and serving up digital content on physical retail displays is exactly what I did for my thesis project in 1999! And what I sketched up for a retail display concept in 2004. And then what I sketched up in 2016 for a startup concept called Linilix.

You can imagine my exasperation…but I suppose timing is everything. Even Philips ran an entire corporate venture based on instore interactivity that had little success and shuttered.