luminous patterns – unreal engine content clips

From my archives: I came across a series of videos we produced back in 2016-2017 for the Luminous Patterns venture. At the time, my venture team worked with Philips Research and a thesis student from the University of Breda to build accurate models of our product system in Unreal Engine.

Even five years ago, Unreal Engine was demonstrating how incredibly powerful live rendering could be as a marketing and sales tool. From the primary digital asset, Eline Slingerland and Kenneth van Kogelenberg generated three tremendous marketing tools:

First, a live VR configuration experience, that used a innovative interface that a designer controlled via standard game controller.

Second, a 1:1 scale 4K digital projection wall with a separate 23″ touchscreen. Our showroom guests could sit in a couch and configure a Luminous Patterns wall instantly – while seeing in a full photorealistic quality with animated lighting effects. (Sorry for the poor quality of the image below – I pulled it from an old video)

Third, we pulled still renderings and video clips to make a web-based “configurator” intended for tablets, especially to assist our sales team when they visited clients. The website was shuttered long ago, but here are some examples of similar content:

Below are the individual videos I found (each was originally about 20 seconds):