luminous patterns – the lost projects

A couple projects were completed after the Luminous Patterns venture was effectively terminated, but I managed to track down on the Interwebs a couple images of each — to at least prove to myself that all our hard work is actually out there somewhere in the wild!

If anybody reading this from Singapore or Muscat has better photography of these two walls, please contact me!

Yotel Singapore: We designed a funky purple animated backlit wall for the elevator lobby. You can just see one small piece of it from the main lobby in the picts below.

For W Hotels in Muscat, Oman, we designed a gorgeous 2-story high centerpiece wall leading from the main lobby to the elevator lobby, plus a similar refrain of the design for the back walls of the elevator cabs themselves. In the lobby image below, you can just see the wall peeking out from the lower left of the pict.