Microsens is a German company that supplies industrial automation and smart building communications and control equipment.

One piece of hardware especially caught my eye, and that is their Central Smart Lighting Controller. I actually think that is a bit of a misnomer, as this is actually a combined centralized DC-DC LED driver solution with 24 LED driver channels, max. 1000 W total output power per chassis, max. 1A@50V output current per channel and fully dimmable 0-100%.

I believe this type of centralized DC-DC LED driver solution is a major step towards a truly sustainable future for architectural lighting.

It also provides a clear option to Power-over-Ethernet lighting solutions. In some situations, a proper PoE/DC/IP connection to every fixture will make sense; but in others, a centralized DC-DC/IP connection with simple “dumb” fixtures will be more efficient. Neither is better – just different system architectures depending on the level of IoT sophistication needed.