ISOBIO was an EU-funded research project that proposes an innovative strategy to bring bio-based construction materials into the mainstream.

A key innovation consists of the use of pre-treated bio-based aggregates for construction, which include insulation materials, hygrothermal and moisture buffering materials, binders, sol-gel and resins. ISOBIO is supported by the European Union Horizon2020 program, within the ‘Materials for Building Envelopes’ call for Energy Efficient Buildings.

To reduce the environmental costs of construction Energy efficiency at building level is one of the main purposes of the project. ISOBIO adopts a radical approach to the use of natural materials in building construction. Even though bio-based materials are still niche in construction, in comparison with traditional mineral based materials, these “eco-friendly” durable composites have indeed proved to be sustainable affordable and low-cost materials.
The project’s panelised products will provide a cost effective alternative to conventional insulation panels – seeking to consume 50% less embodied energy than conventional materials and improve insulation by 20%. These expected improvements will lead to lower construction costs by 15%. As a consequence, a 5% reduction in the total energy spent over the lifetime of a building is expected.

So many innovative, high ecofriendly materials are ready for commercialization. When will the lighting industry respond???