integrated system technologies

ISTL has some interesting multi-protocol, centralized LED driver products available. The White Knight 36 is the world’s first LED driver to integrate an advanced control system alongside a powerful 1000W driver stage, capable of controlling up to 36 independent output channels with the widest ever range of dimming control protocols. The White Knight 36 can be dynamically configured to use DALI, DMX, DSI, RDM, Art-Net3, KiNET & sACN dimming protocols, whilst being able to monitor external occupancy and ambient light sensors without the need for expensive external control systems. Continue reading integrated system technologies

nema ssl1, ssl6 & ssl7

For lighting designers who are concerned about dimmer capability with LED drivers, they should take the time to research NEMA’s latest efforts.  NEMA has developed two standards and is currently developing a third, covering different aspects of LED drivers and dimming. Here is the scope of the SSL1 standard: This standard provides specifications for and operating characteristics of non-integral electronic drivers (power supplies) for LED devices, arrays, or systems intended for general lighting applications. Electronic drivers are devices that use semiconductors to control and supply dc power for LED starting and operation. The drivers operate from multiple supply sources of 600 V maximum at … Continue reading nema ssl1, ssl6 & ssl7

lucept roundup: 5 tech-focused lighting startups

LEDs have jumped many hurdles over the past decade.  Output, quality and price have all hit the marks needed for widespread adoption.  Socket and module standards are quickly evolving.  So what’s next? The next great revolution in the LED business will be miniaturizing the driver components and lowering the cost of advanced control and communications features.  As the industry adds a glut of LED capacity, the price of the actual LED chips continues to plummet.  This is increasing the percentage of total fixture cost that is related to the driver and power conversion components and, as they say, “the sharks are … Continue reading lucept roundup: 5 tech-focused lighting startups