2020 US DOE LED R&D Discussion Meeting – Adv Lighting & Manufacturing

I would like to thank the US Department of Energy’s Solid State Lighting team and the Guidehouse team for hosting a most interesting R&D discussion on Advanced Lighting & Manufacturing. I highly commend the US DOE team for their continued and consistent efforts at discovering what barriers exist for further adoption of LED and other associated technologies and carefully directing their R&D funding process to eliminate those barriers.

For my industry colleagues who participated in the US DOE R&D meetings the past three days, you can download my slidedeck in PDF format here:

If want a written version of my proposal, you can also find a blog post where I called for new L-prizes in sustainable design to spur new forms of innovation in the lighting industry.

I also referenced during the discussion:

1. My 2014 presentation to the DOE on sustainable/circular economy opportunities in the industry

2. My 2019 entry in the DOE’s sustainable luminaire design competition

3. The video of my recent Smart Buildings Conference presentation on DC power.